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A move from the UK to Ireland is not cheap. With, we can help you save both time and money for your move. We help you quickly and easily find a number of expert and professional removal companies from the UK to help you with your home or business move. By requesting quotes, you will receive free quotes and you can easily compare the international removal companies in the UK.

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You can save yourself time and money when using Your request will be directly sent to our international removal companies. You will receive customised free quotes within a short period of time and the quotes are 100% obligation free, so there is nothing to lose!

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If you are moving from the UK your next step is to find international removal companies to help you. Requesting and comparing quotes through is easy and free of charge. With no obligations to accept the quotes that you receive you can take the time to compare prices, services and extra services from UK international removal companies.

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Our international removal companies and freight forwarders have many years of experience with removals to any international destination. With just one request, you will receive quotes from up to 6 international removal companies. The several international removal companies will respond fast to your request and provide you with a quote for your international move from the UK.
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Moving to Ireland

Ireland (Éire in Irish) is the third-largest island in Europe and a popular island to immigrate to. Ireland has become a popular destination to relocate to. The capital of Ireland is Dublin, and other large cities include Cork, Limerick, Galway.

Getting permission to remain in Ireland

All non-EEA nationals need permission to remain in Ireland, which will be in the form of an endorsement in your passport confirming the conditions and period of time for which you have permission to remain in the State.  Your permission should never be allowed to lapse and the onus is on you to ensure that this does not happen.  You should apply to the Registration Officer responsible for the area in which you reside in good time to have your permission to remain in the State extended.

Getting Irish Citizenship

People born outside Ireland but had one or both parents as Irish Citizens at the time of your birth are able to get Irish Citizenship.  You can qualify for Irish Citizenship by birth, being married to an Irish citizen or by residence.  Contact the Irish Immigration Service for more information about the requirements.

Getting a job in Ireland

When you’re looking for a job in Ireland, you can contact the Foras Áiseanna Saothair (FÁS). The FÁS is the training and employment authority in Ireland. The FÁS will give you information and advice by finding a job in Ireland. Most common places for vacancies are:
  • Newspapers (national and local)
  • Employment agencies
  • Job vacancy websites

When you are looking in the national and local newspapers for vacancies, the most vacancies are usually in the Friday morning edition of The Irish Times and the Thursday and Sunday edition of The Irish Independent. If you are looking for a job outside of Dublin, then it is often best to check the local news papers for vacancies.

Importing a vehicle

As a general rule, all new motor vehicles and vehicles brought into Ireland are subject to Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) and must be registered with the Revenue Commissioners.

Experience of our international relocation companies

 Moving Internationally is not the same as moving locally and it can be very difficult  and time consuming. Let our professionals with years of experience handle all the details. The international removal companies will make sure that your international move will be smooth and absolutely trouble free. Whether you are moving to Dublin or another city in Ireland, can help you with your international removal.

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After taking a couple of minutes to complete the simple request form, your request is sent immediately to the international removal companies. The UK removal companies will then arrange your international removal quote and send it directly to you. You can then compare the prices and services on offer and get the best value for your moving budget!

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"When I accepted my new job in Dublin I had to arrange my international removal from Sunderland to Dublin. helped me by finding the right company by sending me 5 quotes for my move to Dublin. I can happily say that I made the right choice by selecting the international removal company from your site.”
Reviewed by: K. Price Moved from Birmingham to Dublin
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"After I decided to return to my hometown in Ireland I thought it would be really hard to find a good international removal company. By comparing quotes from I made my decision by comparing the companies by service and price."
Reviewed by: A. O'Hanlon Moved from Sunderland to Cork
Rating: 7/10
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